Meet your teacher, Mr. M.

Your Teacher, Mr. M, has been in the classroom longer than you have been alive (times two). He hates classroom interruptions, students who come to class without their daily assignment or neglect to bring a pen, pencil, and paper, those who are absent often, those who regard homework as unimportant or who try to sleep in class and students who interfere with the right of other students to learn.

On the other hand, he loves students who want to learn, who expect to get an A because they have merited one, who ask real questions of one another and their teacher, who regard homework as a necessary part of learning, who make a serious effort to improve daily their writing skills, and those who regard reading as much a part of life as breathing, eating, sleeping, and loving. In short, your teacher agrees entirely with another curmudgeon who, when confronted with the daunting challenge of teaching, said, "if thinking were easy, there would be more of it". He anticipates another good year with you studying what Matthew Arnold speaks of as "the best that has been known and thought in the world".


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